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(or A Real advertising Necessity?)

What IS a QR Code?

Watch this "Morning Report" segment that recently aired on CBS regarding QR codes.


 QR Code Half Off Small

  Welcome to the new marketing world of Quick Response technology, better known as QR Codes

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comScore reports (Aug 12, 2011) that over 14 million people here in the United States scanned a QR Code in June of 2011.  The majority of scanners were males (over 60%) in the 18 - 34 age group (more than 53%) and that 36% of them had an annual income of over $100,000.

When your business has a QR code placed in your ad, near specific items in your store, or any place you choose, your customer can get the information that you believe will help them.  In fact, most scans were initiated from newspapers, magazines and from those attached to products in the store.  Read report >>>

The benefit of QR codes is that a marketer or publisher can put anything “behind” the code: a website URL or landing page, or a product detail page with lots of relevant and highly specific information. QR codes are also highly versatile and can appear in digital and traditional media or on product packaging.

Essentially they are 2D barcodes which, when scanned by a camera phone, can directly link to a website or to a person’s contact details. Ue the QR code as a link to your mobile website.  Place your hours of operation and a "click to call" phone number all in that "squiggly lined box". 

“QR codes are a fun way to attract customers to your company’s website or promotion,” said Dana Badgerow, president and CEO of the BBB. “You can get creative by placing the QR code in your email signature, allowing the viewer to go directly to your website. Or you can even have the code contain contact information, making it easy for the viewer to add it to his or her own cell phone.”

Google's "Favorite Places" campaign puts QR codes in the windows of local businesses. Scan one and you get all that Google has on the business including a map, user reviews, and the place's page.
Text, URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, coupons, contact information and more can all be put into that tiny little square and
can be read by most cell phones that have a camera. The code is interpreted by
 QR readers which are free for all types of phones.
(Click QR readers to find a free QR code reader for your mobile device.)


QR Code on Real Estate Sign  QR Code on Building


  From Real Estate                       to Buildings



How Can I Use QR Codes? Some suggesions >>>


    QR Codes - The Future of Marketing

Mobile barcode reading is the next step in innovative mobile marketing. Printed mediums, including product packaging, outdoor advertising, magazines and newspapers, posters and hang tags no longer need be passive forms of advertising. The can become interactive consumer experiences with the simple and inexpensive addition of 

QR codes are rapidly becoming the best way for small businesses to reach customers.  Cell phones, smart phones and other camera-enabled mobile devices read the code and put the text, phone number, web address, etc on the phone.  Small businesses need to make a special effort
  to understand how QR codes work and how they can leverage them to make them an important part of  their marketing plans.




 att QR code  

ski lift QR Code



They are an up-and-coming marketing trend that closely coincides with the evolution of mobile technology and you need to pay attention to them so you are not left behind. 

Every website should have, at the very minimum, 1 small QR code located somewhere near the top of its home page. This code allows visitors to bookmark the page by simply scanning it into their mobile phone. Later, they can easily revisit your site with their cell phone, while waiting at a bus stop or at a doctor's office for example. 

When readers come across a magazine ad that has one of the bar codes in it, they can use a free QR Code reader to take a picture of the QR code and translate it.

Target is the latest retail giant among a wide variety of companies that are turning to mobile bar codes to help provide customers with a more interactive experience. They embed the codes in advertisements within national publications.

 Target QR Code


The QR code to the left in the picture has a web address that takes the user to a video of home decor stylist expert Sabrina Soto. Ms Soto gives tips and tricks on how Target products can make your home look even better.

QR Code hardlinking to PDF product brochures is a great way to market your products. Give out that free stuff; pizzas, hats, mugs, weekend getaways, coupons or anything else that gets your company in front of new people ... more info >>>

The time is NOW!!