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 True or False
Google Search is not needed for the Mobile Web. 



Google organic search drives over one-quarter of web visits to local business sites.

The UK-based firm BrightLocal surveyed U.S. consumers to determine how they find local businesses on the web, and the results demonstrate the importance of claiming Google Places pages and boosting SEO.

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According to BrightLocal, Google Places delivers 33 percent of visits to local business sites. Marketers should be sure to claim their Place pages on Google, and they might also consider moving inventories online to further engage Google Places-derived visitors. (As Brafton has reported, Google recently launched a product search feature for Places.)*

Google is still the main search engine used by mobile users.  Google's organic search results drives one-quarter of visits to business websites. Local SEO campaigns should consider Google – Places aside. The report found that 59 percent of consumers use Google to find nearby businesses each month, while Bing, Yahoo and Yahoo Local drive less than 10%.*

Local SEO campaigns that can attract organic clicks from on-the-go shoppers may be a good way to draw foot traffic ...and notably, mobile searches for nearby stores are on the rise.*

Chadwick Martin Bailey and comScore, both highly respected research organizations, affirmed the obvious - smartphone users look for stores where they are going via their smartphones.

In addition, Chadwick Martin Bailey found that 58% of people responding to their survey said that they use their smartphones while shopping to find local businesses.

comScore says that 49% of the people answering their questions verified that finding or locating stores and restaurants on their mobile phones is their top shopping activity.

*From Brafton News (

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