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Do you Really Need Mobile Marketing

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According to Forrester Research mobile commerce is booming:Sales via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, will grow 40 percent per year for the next five years

At the present time, there are 5 BILLION PLUS cell phone users and only 1.8 billion internet users (desktop and laptop combined). That gives cell phones an almost 3 to 1 advantage. Mobile phones have taken over the internet market and if you don't make yourself available to this new way of doing business, you may soon be OUT of business.

  Mobile sweeps up a bigger share of Thanksgiving weekend sales
Mobile accounted for 37% of Thanksgiving and Black Friday online traffic this year, a 36% increase from last year, per IBM's Digital Analytics Benchmark. Overall online sales were up 18.9% from last year, with mobile accounting for 22% of online sales. Tablets also drove about double the sales of smartphones. VentureBeat(11/29), MediaPost Communications/Online Media Daily(11/30), TechCrunch(11/28)


We have gone from cumbersome desktop PC's

  to the small, sleek hand held Smart Phones of today

 in just a few short years.


Old Computer

Desktop PC

   Blue Blackberry Smart Phone 

Smart Phone


There is a literal explosion of mobile phones all over the world. Most of the world is way ahead of us in smart phone use, technology and the adjunct marketing of cell phone apps (applications).

Look in your pocket or purse. I am sure that you have your keys, wallet and cell phone with you or on you, right? Well, almost everyone does. When you get home, you hang your keys on the key rack and put your wallet or purse on your desk or table, but where is your Cell Phone? In your pocket... on your belt....or more than likely in your HAND!! Right??


SmartPhone Wallet Keys

Don't be ashamed. My son, like so many others, even sleeps with his phone!! He has it on his night stand right beside his bed. I have even heard of people who keep their phones under their pillows when they go to sleep. Try doing THAT with your desktop or laptop computer!!!

Mobile Marketing takes advantage of our new favorite toy - the Smart Phone. Moby Web Pro can show you how to market to this incredible and rapidly growing marketplace. Mobile Marketing is in its infancy. Now is the time to get involved, to get moving, to get business, to get ahead of the pack. more >>>